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Hi internet and friends.
If you're reading this, chances are I've been pushed click submit on a queued journal entry.
It's nothing long, but I wish, just for the sake of me I ask you to lend me an ear one more time.

My time is being slowly but surely ticking away at school, and I've reached a bad point. I kinda messed up real bad. 
So of course my family and I had an intervention. We sat together, and talked for weeks. Talked and talked and talked.

And then my dad says this; 
"Those people on the internet are useless - why won't you spend that kind of effort on school work??"

I thought about it.
Art isn't my forte. It never was. I will never be able to pursue that fantasy. And so I thought, alright maybe if I can't I just want to keep something - hold onto something that will let me create imagination whenever I could. I bought, after years of scraping up of penny after penny, my dream Wacom tablet. 
But what I realize now, although I bought that high end machine for best of intentions, this isn't what I want. I realized today. That the only thing that made me want to draw so much is because of the people who could actually talk to me. 
The ones who sat at the other side of the computer screen, across the world, and took the time to be nice to someone who they never knew.
I'm not that much of an important person - I don't intend on to be one either. I'm just glad that, I've been given a chance to share what I can do for friends, and in return see what the world can also return with the gift of kindness.
It's not an empty computer screen I've looked at for five years. It was the warmth of someone else.

You know, thank you. I should spend more time thanking each and every one of you for making someone out of something. 

Thanks for reading if you did. I just wanted to add here that, I'm putting this account offline. I'm not sure what I mean by that either, but I certainly know that I can't delete this account. It's far too much of personal value and memory. Thanks guys. School starts soon. Take care, and remember, stay healthy.


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hitmontop16 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
We're still bros, right?
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hitmontop16 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
We're still bros, right?
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merry christmas =3
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